Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to our home!

Before I get to the house-here are a couple pictures of our growing princess! We can't get enough of her!

This past June we bought our first home together. We have loved every minute of owning a house. We have spent most of our summer working in the yard (trust me it needed A LOT of work). We still have a lot of things to decorate, but that is going to take time and MONEY!

Here is the kitchen-my favorite room. We have never had an apartment with so much cupboard space!

The dining area is just off of the kitchen.

Here is our living room. I love this room because it is so open.

Another angle of the living room.

Our Master bedroom.

Our master bathroom. It opens up to our shower/toilet area, as well as our master closet.

Extra bathroom.

Little Leyla's room.

Another view of her room.

Here is our office. It is still a mess. All of our leftover junk is in this room right now.

Our laundry room. It is so nice have space to do laundry. In our last apartment we couldn't even open the door all of the way!!

The next few picture are of our basement. The guy that lived here before us did some way random/weird things when he was finishing it. We are going to have a lot of work to do to fix it up.

Here is the bathroom downstairs.

Here is the bedroom downstairs-obviously we haven't gotten the bedroom set put together yet :)

Here is the downstairs family room.

Only about 60% of the basement is finished. I'll post pictures if we ever get around to finishing it.

Now we need some visitors. Come on over if you need somewhere to stay, we would love to have you!


Nate & Meag said...

Karly your home is beautiful! So happy for you guys!

Bryce and Shelynne said...

YAY!!! Your house is so nice! I love it, and your little girl is adorable!!!

Christensens said...

Cute house Karly! Im so happy for you guys...your little life looks so perfect! And can I just tell you...I want to eat your little Leyla up...she is a doll!!! I swear I think she is one of the cutest little girls I have ever seen! ADORABLE!!!

Lauren & Brandon said...

I love it! Where did you buy?

Ali and Andrew Hyde said...

Leyla is SO cute! I hope we get to see her again before Jackson is picking her up for Homecoming! Ha Ha! Um, your house looks HUGE! That is SO nice to have so much space! I love your kitchen too, it looks SO nice! We want to come see it!

Cami Jo said...

What a beautiful house Karly! I love it =) It looks so nice, I am super jealous!

Leyla is beautiful! I bet you love being a mommy...

tyson and ashley said...

We want to come see it! It looks beautiful! We are so excited and happy for you guys! Congrats!! :) it was good seeing you guys at the game last weekend too!

Lando & Cami said...


I hope you don't mind I found your cute blog! Your little one is so cute. Hope everything is going good.

Jeff and Teresa Palmer said...

Karly she is just so dang cute. Love her so much.